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Golf will take you away from mischief, says Davis

One of the huge names surrounding the annulled June 12 election, Otunba Abimbola Davies, has declared that since golf is a solitaire where one can only cheat himself, it becomes clear that the game can take anyone away from mischief.

Davies, who said he came into golf by pure accident, even noted that he is yet to see a game that is so engaging to that point anyone involved will hardly think of anything else, not to mention mischief.

“Truth is, I heard about the game from several people and places but not once did I think of ever getting involved,’’ Davies said. “I wasn`t even watching the game from anywhere because I considered it a waste of time. I must confess that the game was not just happening in my life.

“But on this day, my good friend, Charles Ajibode, asked me to come along to the Ibadan Golf Club for lunch and I obliged.

At the place, he took me to the kitchen, where I ordered for my food. While waiting for the food to be ready, I sighted another close friend, Barrister S.I. Salami, who had been a bosom friend way back in Lagos. He, too, came for lunch.

“Before I could know what was happening, seven of my great friends came in quick succession for same lunch. After lunch, all of them moved inside the course for a game. I was amused and told myself there must be something about this place.

Without any prompting from anyone, I called for the membership form and joined that day.

“I quickly got engrossed in the game to that point a day would not pass without me playing. The Golf Club could be anything, but to me, it is a place where you meet genuine friends, who are truly concerned about your well being. There can never be a game like golf.”

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